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Glen Cormier
Awesome paddles

Everything I expected from these paddles. Paddle texture, for improved top spin. Longer handle ,for two handed back hand. I would definitely recommend these paddles.

Mike Luffler
Worth the Wait and Great For Crush

I ordered the RQT paddle on May 7th, but didn't get to use it until May 27th. I was out of town when it arrived at my home, and injured my shoulder while out of town.

When I returned home, I was unable to play, so i let several people try it. As a result, orders have been placed for 5 RQT paddles, and 1 Freestyle paddle, with more orders possible.

I resumed playing on the 27th, and can now personally affirm the opinion of the people who tried my paddle. It is a very solid and yet soft feeling paddle which generates a lot of spin.

Side note to Crushpickleball: feel free to reach out to me if you want to communicate with me directly.

Dennis Pena
I was mistaken

I bought a RQT to have in my arsenal of demos. I did not play tennis competitively, I don't hit a "twoey", double BH, I don't play a lot of singles, and I don't need extra reach because I'm 6'5" tall and have been called an albatross and a condor. I love the RQT!!! The face looks smaller, but when you lay it on the Freestyle paddle, you can see that the face is not significantly smaller. The control is great, and it is not only my preferred paddle for singles, but also for doubles. The longer handle produces more leverage/whip especially on my serves, and I can get tremendous top spin. I have specifically shared it with former tennis players who love it. Including my son in Southern California who is frustrating his opponents with his powerful double BH on his returns. Thanks to Brett Warner for this insightful design.

Power, placement and spin are exceptional

Been playing and teaching for over 10 years. Was a hard core believer/user of another major brand. That paddle had a larger width which provides more control but you sacrifice power. A hit disperses and absorbs the power over the overall paddle face. With the RQT, with the smaller paddle face, the power stays with the ball. The longer handle as a number of advantages. You get more whip/snap in the shot which also adds to the power. It also provides more room for the two handed player. With two hands on a backhand you also get more power and better direction. Two hand backhand is becoming the norm. However, this is definitely not a paddle for a beginner.


Absolutely love this paddle, great feel, control, and more importantly POWER!!!