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Ann Abel
Love it!

I come from a tennis background with a two handed backhand, this paddle has upped my game! The smaller head is no big deal as sweat spot is all over! Absolutely love this paddle!

Awesome Paddle

The new Crush RQT with a 6.5” handle has amazing power and great control. Perfect for your double handed backhand shots. Definitely a head turner on the courts and people are always asking about it!

Dan Ray
Awesome game-changing paddle!

I LOVE this paddle. I got it 5 weeks ago, and it makes all the difference in the world. I'm currently a 4.5+ PB player having played for about a year transitioning from tennis my whole life. I played college tennis and national tournaments at each age division. I found it extremely challenging to hit my 2-handed backhand with a tiny paddle grip...even with the newest Engage paddle at 5 3/4 in. This Crush paddle is not only amazing for the backhand, but on every shot! I notice more leverage and whip on my groundstrokes, and more reach on my volleys. Thanks! I will want to be on the CRUSH team very soon!:)

C Bartolomei
10/10 would recommend for advanced players!

I’m super thankful for having Chase Mason, our local pickleball coach, let me use his demo paddle of this variety. He gave me the pros and cons of the paddle and without his knowledge and expertise I would have never had the chance to fall in love with this paddle. The skinnier almost tennis like grip and longer paddle and smaller surface area are definitely a big difference than your normal paddle. I think it’s an excellent paddle for those who have played pickleball and are a bit more experienced. When I was a beginner I think I wouldn’t have been able to really properly use this paddle. Now as a more advanced pickleball player (not a pro by any means, but I wouldn’t call myself a beginner anymore) I can fully understand and appreciate the difference in my game and the different paddles I use. This paddle requires you to have good control and shot selection for when to drop/dink or drive but once you’ve made the adjustments you’re able to master them and have it feel like you’ve been playing with this paddle for years. I honestly can’t see myself going back to a traditional paddle anymore. As someone who is 6’5 in height I already am a bigger guy so the long handle really helps on being able to control the ball. I cannot wait for this paddle to get back in stock so I can get one for myself! Shoutout to Chase Mason for being the GOAT and trusting me with such a different paddle. I’m super excited to play my first tournament with it!


This paddle is fire!!! 🔥 The look, feel and what it can do! Longer handle for that solid double backhand.

The carbon on the paddle has some grip to it. Ball seems to favor it and when the ball hits, it just feels good, controlled and of course power.

I am an old tennis player and I have larger hands, this grip feels like I can handle it with confidence. The handle is not as bulky like the others as well. I have the CARBON, JOOLA, Black ACE elongated, This is the best paddle I have used in the 2 years. Cannot wait to see how I do in league play and tournaments!

Only thing CRUSH needs is more tee shirt colors and sizes. Maybe even add solid headbands like the Nike Fly.

Other than that - keep it up!